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The Gruffalo Song and Other Songs


I love singing and dancing. I’ve read this book with Mummy and Daddy loads of times- I think it’s one of my all-time favourites.

You get a CD which goes in the CD player, and it sings the Gruffalo song and other songs to you. And the book has the music and the words to match, so that you can sing along.

Mummy sings The Handy song and Daddy likes Squash and a Squeeze best. I like the Gruffalo Song because it sounds all grouchy and tells you what the Gruffalo looks like. And I dance along to all the songs.


9780330448437 Paperback with CD £7.99 (inc VAT)

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Faster Faster Little Red Train


This week I went to visit Grandma and Grandad, and I saw my cousin Charlie, who really loves reading. He showed me this book about a train. Mummy read it to us, and I turned the pages. Charlie says "train!"  (he's bigger than me and can say more words than me)

The Red Train has to do a run to the seaside because the other train can't do it, and Duffy the Driver gets really excited because it's running late, and makes the train go really fast. All the passengers tell him to slow down, but the children yell him to go "faster! Faster!" and they get to the beach on time.


9780099264996 Paperback £6.99

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Splat the Cat Penguins Are Cool


Splat the Cat is big and furry and he loves Penguins.

One day, his class goes to the zoo, and he can't wait to see the penguins!

But Seymour isn't allowed to go to the zoo, so he sneaks there and frightens an elephant!

The whole trip is ruined and they have to go home.

My favourite bit was when they all said what their favourite animal is. Mine's monkeys and mummy likes elephants.



9780007498192 Paperback £6.99

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My First Words


I love the pictures in this book. Mummy points and says "what's that?" and I tell her "face" or "baby" or "Chicken!".

There are lots of my favourite things in the book, and I have learned some new things, too. Sometimes I say to mummy "what's that?" and she tells me what it is.

It's very good for me to learn new words and for Mummy to see what I like.

I like lots of things, and it's fun to point at the pictures and shout.



9781849158367 Board Book £5.99

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Hooray for Bread!


This is my favourite bedtime story now.

The baker makes a loaf of bread, and I follow the story as the bread gets smaller.

And every now and then, the page turns and it's my turn to shout "Hooray! Bread!"

Some exciting things that happen in the book are, the baker has curly hair, the mummy and the baby waking up, the ducks, the doggies and the ketchup.

Mummy filmed me reading the book this week, too.



9781406352627 Paperback Book £6.99

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