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That's Not My Duck!


I love it when new books arrive from the postman. Mummy opens a big box and lets me play with whichever ones I like (except the customer orders- I'm not allowed to touch them)

I was so happy when I found a NEW That's Not My... book! This time it's my Duck that I can't find.


I'm now old enough that I know where the touchy bits are, and I know that when Mummy (or Daddy today) says "its tummy is too...", that I can touch the tummy and it'll be fuzzy. It's very clever.


9781409565161 Board Book £5.99 

Noisy Peekaboo Beep! Beep!


I have reviewed one of these books before, when I was really tiny.

Now I am older, I get loads of fun from reading the book!

I can pick up the book, say "balloon" when I see the ball, I can say "no!" when I know that the truck isn't behindthat flap, and I get really excited when I find the right flap because the vehicle makes a noise!

The fire engine goes neenaw neenaw and the tractor goes chugg chugg.


9781405337014 Board Book £8.99 

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly - New Shoes


One of my favourite words is Shoes.

I don't wear shoes very often, but when I do, I like to put them on myself or let Mummy help me.

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly are a bit older than me and need school shoes.

When they are good in the shoe shop, I can press the button to get a cheer.

Mummy likes the green shoes best and I like the boot shoes.


9780718198992 Board Book £6.99 

Maisy's Funfair


Every year, at the beginning of October, it's Goose Fair in Nottingham. I've never been, but Mummy grew up there and says it's wonderful.

As it's the beginning of October, I thought I'd bring her some happy memories by reviewing Maisy's Funfair.

I love the Big Wheel and all the turns and pop-up pages.

I can move some of them myself, but Mummy doesn't let me touch them all because I ripped a couple of them.

they still move - Mummy says she loves double-sided sticky tape.

I would recommend this book for Mummies and daddies to show and toddlers of over 2 years to read themselves.


9781406343205 Novelty Book £12.99 

Rainbow Colours Peekaboo


I'm sorry I missed last week's recommendation - I've been busy moving house.

My friend Xavier (who you met when we reviewed Crunchy Croc) came to help me move. I love Xavier, but he was here for a really long time, and played with all the things I wanted to play with. It was very stressful for me.

We chose Rainbow Peekaboo to review. Each page has got a really big flap, and you can find touchy-feely bits underneath. I liked it first, because I love the lift-the-flaps and the bright colours, and then Xavier liked it too.

Xavier is 4 months younger than me, so he's 18 months old.

I have now finished moving house, and Xavier has gone home.


9781409327998 Board Book £4.99 

Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes


This week, Mummy and I went to visit A Bundle of Books in Herne Bay. The mummy of that bookshop is called Andrea like Mummy, and the daughter (who's a lot older than me!) is called Eleanor, like me (but they call her Ellie so it's not confusing).

They let me read all their books and play in their shop.

So, I chose this book in their shop, and Mummy bought it for me - it's got sound buttons that I can press to play the tunes, and I know Twinkle Twinkle from Busy Bees, and I can do the actions of twinkling. There are five songs to play. Oh, The Books are My Bag bag also came from Bundle of Books. they're lovely - if you're in Herne Bay, you should visit them and say hello.


9781409549710  Board Book £9.99 

Window Bath Book - One Little Duck


Mummy found a really cool bath book for me to play with this week.

I have been working on 1 and 2. I can count to 2, which is the highest number that exists!

This book has 1 duck, and 2 ducks and then 1 duck again.

When I have been reading this, Mummy keeps calling 1 duck "three", but I have no clue what she's on about, as that's not a number!

I have to correct her and call it 1.

The ducks are little plastic ducks that you can fit into the slots on the page when Mummy reads the story of a little duck out swimming and meeting his friends along the way.


9789461956033  Bath Book £7.99 

Stripy Horse Hide and Seek


I have got a Stripy Horse, and Mummy found this book for me that tells me a story about when Stripy Horse played Hide and Seek.

It's really fun to play along with him what he did.

So, we closed our eyes, and we hid in a box, and Mummy hid behind me and in front of me, and I jumped lots on the settee.

Stripy Horse did all this in his book. It was a good game and I giggled loads.



9781405257459   Board Book £4.99 

Stripy Horse Toy £8.99

Wheelie Tractor


What an excellent idea for a book!

We all love tractors and cars and things, and we all love books - this book puts the two together and makes a tractor book into a Tractor Book!

It's got wheels and everything.

I had to get Mummy to open it, because it's fastened with velcro, but inside there are loads of pictures of tractor  and their farming, and Mummy read out to me what they all do.

Then I wheel it along the floor and go Vroom!

PS, I'm 100 weeks old now!


9781405300872  Board Book £5.99 

Hooray for Fish!


It was my birthday this week - I'm now two years old.

We're not doing this in "weeks" anymore because it is too hard for Mummy to work out.

This book was a birthday present from Wigglers. It's a lovely fun and bright book, and has fish in it on every page. There are all sorts of fish in it, and 3 fish on one page. It rhymes, too, which is great. There's also a Mummy fish whom I kissed.


Now that I'm two, Mummy is letting me recommend books that have got paper pages, because I don't rip them so much now.


9781406345018  Paperback £6.99 

Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep


Now that I'm two, I enjoy sitting on Mummy's or Daddy's lap and letting them read me a story. I let them read it, and I only turn the page when the story is ready.

I love Hugless Douglas, he's really big.

In this story he goes for a sleepover at Rabbit's house, and Rabbit has room for everyone, but Douglas is too big, so Rabbit makes the hole bigger for him!

And lots of sheep joining the sleepover and they have a lovely story.

It's a board book, but a perfect story for everyone.



9781444913040 Board Book £5.99