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Slide and Seek Animals


I can push the little windows side to side in this book.

One side has words that Mummy (or Daddy, because he read to me after work today) reads and the other side has pictures.

There are lots of different animals on the pages and under the slides.

You can read it making lots of sounds - like the lion goes Roar, and the pig goes khrkhrkhr.



Book £5.99

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Dear Zoo Spin and Say


I had a hard time choosing my book this week. Mummy gave me a few books that had touchy panels in and I loved them all!

Then! She showed me the Spin and Say and I loved it straight away!


There is a spinner on the front cover which you can spin, and there are two spinners on every page inside!

You can spin the spinners until they face different animals, and Mummy reads out the animals or the colours when I spin.

This is not the Dear Zoo story, but it has got some of the animals in it.



Board Book £9.99

This Little Dinosaur


Another touch and Feel book!

There are so many around - the different textures are great for my development. Sometimes when I touch the feely bits, Mummy says the words - so here, I touch T-Rex's teeth and Mummy says "eat you up." It's very clever.


There are four different dinosaurs, and each page has a touchy-feely section. I can find the touchy-feely bit by myself now, and Mummy says "good girl!"



Board Book £5.99

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Busy Farm


I have so many touchy books to choose from!


This week, I've chosen a lovely Farm Book - on each page, there's a very small bit that I can push, pull or turn.

It's very tricky, but I'm getting really good with my hands now - I can do very small motor movements.


On one page, the cows appear and I say Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

and the page where the pigs pop up is just brilliant!



Board Book £4.99

Play Time, Puppy!


I chose this book while Mummy wasn't looking.

I loved the way that you can put your whole hand inside the back of the Puppy and make him go "rrooooaarrr" in Mummy's face.


And would you know, that when Mummy or Daddy reads it, it's more than just a puppety? It's got a lovely story in it, too!

The little toddler in the story plays with the puppy just like I do.



Board Book £5.99

FairyTales Little Library


I have chosen another book that's out of print, Mummy says.

I don't care, I love it anyway.


Mummy says I'm still allowed to recommend it, because she can get other books that are simimimilar.


I love little libraries, because you get lots of books in a box, that you can read separately, and also put the books in the box and take them out again. They fit perfectly in a bag, so you can keep me busy when we go out.



Board Book £4.99

Abney and Teal Giant Floor Puzzle


Another Not-book this week!

I love this puzzle - the pieces are really chunky, and they live in a box that I can carry around with me.

Mummy puts the puzzle together, and I take it apart again.

And then I put all the pieces in the box.

I can fit some of the pieces together.

It's got a drawing on the other side which you can colour in.



Non-Book Puzzle £9.99 (inc VAT)

Where's Spot?


Oh, this book is a classic.

Mummy said "The old ones are usually the best!"

I opened the book and helped Mummy to find Spot (Spot's Mummy, Sally, needed a hand too, because it was dinnertime)

He was really hard to find! Every time I turned the page, and looked in the hiding place, he wasn't there.

There were loads of other people in there, though, even under the stairs, and there was a monkey with a banana in the wardrobe.

I'm getting to be really careful with the flaps in the books now.



Board Book £6.99

Let's Talk!


I'm really getting the hang of talking now, and you all know I love push buttons, so this one is fabulous.


I haven't been very good at repeating words Mummy and Daddy say, but I'm starting to do it more (and sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident)

In this book, the lady says the word from the picture when you press the button. And I can say "Car" and "ay!" and "oh!" and "shooooooooos"



Board Book £7.99

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy


Mummy read this story out at Storytime on Thursday. It was really funny. And all the rest of the storytime gang shouted out "and Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy"

It was great fun - all these dogs went out for a walk, but they got scared away by a big cat.


9780140505313 Paperback £5.99

9780670913503 Board Book £5.99

Flutterby Butterfly


The butterfly pops up on the front page, and then she disappears! So I have to push my finger in the hole to lift the top of the page up, to see if I can find her.

She's hiding really well because she doesn't come back until the last page!

I like pushing up the page and pushing it back down again (it's easier to push the page down than to use the finger hole again)


9781848779600 Board Book £7.99

Hugless Douglas Finds a Hug.


Hugless Douglas was a hit at all the storytimes this week.

What a great book!

Douglas woke up really grumpy and in a hugging mood, but noone wanted to hug him.

I hugged him, though and so did all the Storytime Gang.

He's really lovely and cuddly and I kissed him too.



9781848779600 Board Book £10.99


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