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Little Kitten Puppet Book


People wonder if I choose the book for TWEL or if Mummy chooses them every week. Well, I can confirm that I do indeed choose them. Sometimes, Mummy will suggest something and I will decide from that.

I love puppet books. We read this book at Storytime on Tuesday, and Terry loved it too.

On each page, the kitten pokes his head through the book and tells you what he likes to do, like sitting in a nice place and eating.


ISBN 9780811857703

Book  £4.99

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Easter Little Library


It's Easter this week. Last week was Palm Sunday. This really clever book box tells me the story of Jesus in little books that fit together in the box. It means I can read each part of the story. They are: Jesus rides into Jerusalem, A Special Meal, Jesus is Arrested, Jesus dies on a cross, Jesus is Alive! and Jesus returns to his Father.

I also spent a while taking them out of the box and putting them back in. And I can read the stories every year with Mummy and Daddy.


ISBN 9781859859421

Box of Books  £3.99

A Surprise for Belle


Everybody knows I love sound books.

Well, this week, Gwen, T, T and T came to visit me, and they read books to me all week. This was the one I liked the best. I tried to sing the noises that the book makes. There is a kettle whistle that goes "eeeeeeee", a candle, an apple, a book and some keys. The story is where Belle goes round the palace looking for the keys to a box. It also has lift-the-flaps, but Mummy wouldn't let me touch those.

This is a Disney Princess story.


ISBN 9781412744546

Board Book  £6.99

My Jungle Jeep - Fold-out Track and book


I love books with little cars in them! I normally play with the Usborne one, Busy Car, and I know how to wind the car up to make it go. But Mummy was sent this Five Mile Press one  this week, and I like the way the book folds out into a massive track. I tried to wind the car up in the same way, but it didn't work like that.

The book tells you what happened when we went to the Jungle, and the Jeep zooms round the jungle. And you can pick it up as it zooms past.


ISBN 9781743007532

Board Book  £8.99

Pull and Play Counting


This book is great - I know it's not a noisy book, but I had a couple of noisy books to choose and I liked this one better.

Each page has got little tabs that you pull out while you're reading. I loved pulling the tabs out! Daddy said they're numbers, but I liked the pictures of the bunny and the puppy and the fish and the kittens. And on the last page there's a moving picture of me!


ISBN 9780230750388

Board Book  £4.99

Follow the Red Balloon


Well, what an exciting book! First, Bear loses his balloon, and then, it flies all around the book until it lands back with Bear! And there's a lovely black dog that I kissed.

The book is colours, I recognized the pattern as Mummy read the pages to me.

It's got holes in the pages too. I put my finger in them.

I love my new rug, so I am reading (lounging) on my new Paddington rug.



ISBN 9781848779655

Board Book  £7.99

Eric Carle's Baby Animals


I've chosen another sound book this week.

I'm so happy that there are so many avaialble right now, because I really do love them.

I like to press the buttons and hear the sounds.

I've been really sad this week because it's been hot and my skin has been extra red and itchy. So this book made me feel a lot better.And, as well as sounds, it's got FLAPS! not on every page, but Mummy said they are the baby animals. And the story is showing mummy or daddy and their baby.


ISBN 9781450805087

Board Book  £6.99

Little Children's Music Book


It's another noisy book! I love them so much!

This one is great, because the animals are preparing for a concert, and they all play their musical instruments to practice. And I dance around to it.

there's a flute, a violin and a triangle, and others.

I mainly dance to it, because I can't sit still long enough to listen to the stroy, but I can press the buttons that I want to hear.


ISBN 9781409549697

Board Book  £12.99

The Very Lazy Ladybird


I chose this book 3 times this week. I chose it for Storytime on Tuesday and on Thursday and on Friday. I think it's wonderful.

My version has a red and yellow blob on each page so you can press it to find out what's happening in the story.

The ladybird can't fly and just wants to sleep. I don't like sleeping. I would like to play with the bear.

The version that you can buy has a CD instead of pressing buttons, and it's really good!


ISBN 9781845062361

Book and CD  £7.99

Wilbur's Book of...


I've chosen 4 books today, because I couldn't decide. I love Winnie the Witch, and these are new books based on Wilbur from Winnie the Witch.

There are colours, and numbers, and oppoppopposites, and first words.

Each one has Wilbur talking about what things are opposite or first or numberish or colourful.


I like to carry them around, but I can only hold one of each in my hands I had to ask Mummy to hand me the rest.


Colours 9780192735065

Numbers 9780192735096

Opposites 9780192735102

First Words 9780192735089

Board Books £4.99 each

Look at Me! I'm a Monster!


This book is really funny. When Mummy holds it up against her face she looks like a monster.

I held it up against my face too - I thought it was so funny!

Mummy even let me take a photo of her being a monster. She was a pink slimy monster.

I liked the grumpy monster and the cuddly monster best.

I played with this book for ages because I liked holding it up at my face.




Board Book £4.99

Mega Magnet - Beep Beep!


I love playing with magnets, but Mummy keeps telling me off because the magnets are too small. That's why I love this book - the magnets are giant size, which means I'm allowed to play with them.

In the book there is a town, and lots of things arehappening. So Mummy reads me the story, and then at the end, I can put the magnets on the town.

Older children will get fun out of the story, and younger children like me will enjoy playing with the magnets. Magnets don't fall off when you put them on the right page and turn the book over!




Board Book £12.99

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