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Busy Farm


I have been really poorly this week. My nose was all sniffly and it was hard to breathe and I coughed lots.

It was also Christmas last week, which was really good fun! I had lots of presents and we visited my family on Mummy's side.


This week's book is a lift-the-flap book. I love lifting the flaps and seeing what's behind them. I can usually guess by what Mummy and Daddy say when I lift them up.

This is a farm, and the farmer shows me what his jobs are through the day. At night, the tractor goes in the shed. And the page asks what noise the animals make, so Mummy or Daddy can make the noises if they want.


Boardbook £6.99

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That's not my Snowman


The weatherlady said that it is going to snow. I've seen snow before, and it's lovely to cuddle up with Mummy and Daddy with a book when it's snowing outside.


The book I have chosen this week was sent to me by Santa, and it's all about snowmen. Most of them are not my snowmen, but the one at the end is mine.


The thing I like best is the touchy feely parts on each page - that's how I know it's not my snowman on that page. The snowman on the last page is mine - his nose is so squashy. And there's a little mouse hiding on each page.



Boardbook £5.99

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly - Please and Thank You


For months, I've wanted to review Pirate Pete's Potty book, but Mummy wouldn't let me. But now Ladybird has made a new Pirate Pete book! It tells you all about being polite to people, and when to say please and thank you.

I say thank you when someone gives me something. I can't do please yet, because it's hard to work it out.

The book has a sound button on it and when you say please or thank you, you get to cheer the button. I am really getting the hang of this push button thing - it happens every time I press it now, not just sometimes.

I love it!



Boardbook £6.99

Noisy Orchestra


I really love Sound Books. When you press the buttons, you get sounds.

This one's even better than some of the others, because the buttons play each part of the orchestra, and then they all get together at the end and play.

When Mummy reads it, I press the button, and while they're practising, she reads the words to tell me what's happening. I don't really listen to the words because I'm too busy dancing and clapping to the music.

But I think that when I'm 2, I will listen to the words as well as dancing.



Boardbook £12.99

Farm Snap


I love playing with these cards! They're not a book, but Mummy sells them in her shop.

You could play Snap with them, but I like to put the cards in a pile. When I play with Mummy, we take turns to put the cards on the floor. Mummy turns hers over one by one, but I like to put lots on the floor together. When I play with Daddy, I put the cards into their box and take them out again to show him.

The cards are bright and coloury and have farm animals on and words that I can't read. Mummy says there are 4 of each picture.


Cards £4.99 inc VAT

Big Book of Big Tractors


I chose this book because I love tractors. And this book has got loads.

It's even better than a normal book, because the pages get bigger when you turn the page!

There's loads of information about what tractors do, so it would be good reading all the way up to older children.

I liked the pages about digging and planting and the big green seeding tractor.

And the book tells me all about tools and harvest and heavy and snow and sea and moving. The tractors that build are really big and are yellow and green and live in the Army.



Board Book £9.99

Bizzy Bear Let's Go and Play!


Bizzy Bear goes to the park with his friends and he plays on the swings and see-saw and his bike.

My finger is big enough and strong enough to move all the pictures around. It's like a lift-the-flap book, but it isn't lift-the-flap, so it's much harder.

Mummy and Daddy clapped when I moved the pictures, so it must be Important.

I like the bright colours and the story rhymes (which means the words sound the same).



Board Book £4.99

Humpty Dumpty


This book is about the famous Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. I've read about him before.

The pictures are really good and the words are dancy.

In this version, the spinning shapes at the top of the page turn around if you push and pull at them. Mummy read some extra words in the page to tell me what to do with them.



Board Book £4.99



Zoe (that's my cousin's name!) likes to dig in the garden. I am helping her with the spade.

I like to carry the book around with me, because it has a handle.



Board Book with handle £4.99

Colour Fun!


I liked this book straight away! It's got coloured beads in the book and you spin them when Mummy says the colour.

Each page has got loads of bright colours and pictures that match the colours - the first page is yellow and Mummy said it looked like sunshine!

Mummy's favourite colour is green, but I like all colours. Mummy said, "Find the blue bead", but I laughed and made her find it. What else are Mummies for?



Board Book  £5.99


Counting Fun! (same series but with numbers)


Board Book £5.99

Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Lift-the-flap Playbook


When I saw this one arriving at the shop, I grabbed it straight away. It's got little holes in it, and fluffy bits, and shiny bits, and finger-swirly bits, and squishy bits, and bright bits.

It's just got so much to see and do, that I love it!

Mummy said I need to be supervised with this book because the flaps are flappy and I'm not that careful with my hands yet. (I did not rip a flap, honestly)



Board Book  £5.99

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