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Katy Cat and Beaky Boo


This is a new book by the lady that does Maisy Mouse.

It's lift-the-flap, and all the way through, Katy Cat (who's got the same name as my cousin Katie), talks to her friend Beaky Boo and asks him questions. She asks him what colour he is and if he's stripy and what he

likes to eat.

Then you lift the flap and see what other animals are like.

Mummy lets me lift the flap but she doesn't let me pull it hard.


Paperback 9781406338386 £6.99

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The Gruffalo's Child


Did you know that the Gruffalo is coming to visit me on 1st September? That's in two weeks' time.

To celebrate, Mummy has been reading me the Gruffalo stories.

This week, I have chosen The Gruffalo's Child.

You are supposed to read The Gruffalo first, which I have read, but this week was the first time I had read the Gruffalo's Child.

It's really funny, because the Gruffalo's Child doesn't believe in the Big Bad Mouse, and is naughty because she goes out into the wood on her own.

You meet all the characters from The Gruffalo story again.

I hope you'll all come to see me when the Gruffalo visits. It's going to be amazing!


Board Book 9780230749610 £5.99



Paperback 9781405020466 £6.99

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The Gruffalo


Just 8 days until the Gruffalo visits me on 1st September!


I have read The Gruffalo this week.

My copy of the Gruffalo was given to me by my namesake, Auntie Katherine, for my baptism in June. She also gave me Gruffalo Bookends and the Gruffalo and Mouse toys. They're my favourites.

The story is rhymy and funny. The Mouse tells all the animals that the Gruffalo will eat them, but he made it up. But the Gruffalo is really real, and the Mouse told the Gruffalo that all the animals are scared of him!

My copy is a paperback, but Mummy doesn't let me hold it, so I've reviewed the Board Book this week.


Board Book 9780230747937 £5.99


Paperback 9780333710937 £6.99

Fire Engine


I have been very tired today.  I've had ever such a busy week (my cousin's wedding and also I've been crawling around), and i can't sleep, so i have to rub my eyes and scratch and that makes me feel sleepy and sad.  But when Mummy read Fire Engine to me, it cheered me right up!


It has a siren button on the front that goes wow-wow-wow-wow.  Then Daddy

came home from work and read it to me again.  It has pop-up pages and the

story tells you all about how the fire engine works.


Paperback 9781857077100 £7.99

Hello, Dinosaurs!


I have this book at home, and it's fabulous.  It's a puppet book, which means that Mummy's hand hides away when she reads it.

Each dinosaur is a different colour, and the book is in the hand, so when

Mummy reads it, she turns the page with her other hand - or lets me do it!

This week she's been singing the story, but normally she just reads it.

I went to see the doctor this week and I don't itch quite so much now.


Paperback 9780545119788 £8.99

My Chunky Friend Daisy


We're both poorly this week. Mummy says I got the cold first and passed it onto her.

But because we're poorly, we feel lazy. So I chose this Daisy book, because Daisy is a car that likes to be lazy.

The story rhymes and makes it all jolly and at the end she's got flat tyres!

It's colourful and chunky, and Mummy made it go Clack! when she clicked the pages together.


Paperback 9781845314644 £3.99

Animal Counting


This book is great! Mummy says "Six colourful Chameleons, SIX!"

and a number pops up from the page!

It counts you from 1 to 10, which is just unfathomable for me! Ten whole numbers! Wow! The animals are great fun, and there are as many animals as there are numbers - I know because Mummy counted them out to me.

It's by Petr Horacek, who is a famous Illustrator, and Tim, who visits me from Walker, thinks he's the bee's knees.

Board Book 9781406337617  £9.99

Buster's Farm


Mummy read this one at story-time on Tuesday.

Everyone thought it was great.

Not only does the story tell you all about Buster looking after all the animals on the farm, but also, Mummy makes the animal noises, including the Duck, and you can feel all the animals furry!

A great book for someone as little as me, and as big as the other children.

We all loved it.

(PS, it is me in the picture - I'm wearing a caterpillar disguise that Aunty Rebekah gave me)


Board Book 9780230707207  £7.99

Baby Play Day


I wasn't sure about Mummy choosing this one for me this week- I wanted Pirate Pete's Potty. She said I'm not learning how to use the potty.


So, we've read Baby Play Day. It's not a story, but a book of fun things.

There is a boy and girl who live in a house, and some letters (Mummy thought it was really clever that the apple turned into a ball and then a cat), and some numbers, and some touchy-feely pages at the back.


It's not got too much to look at, but it's just right to keep my attention for a little while. Mummy complained I couldn't keep still, so Daddy also took some pictures when he got in from work.


Board Book  9781849153843 £7.99

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sound Book


                                                                                                               I know we all know the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This one is different!

                                                                                                               The story is the same, but it's told a bit more quickly, with not so many words. So                                                    

                                                                                                               it's better for me, because I don't like to sit still too long.

                                                                                                               The best thingis it has a big yellow button on the front, and when i touch it, it

                                                                                                               goes "doo-do-deilde-dom-dum" (or something like that!) and it's the noise of the

                                                                                                               caterpillar walking along looking for food.

                                                                                                               It still has the food counting that it has in the original.


Board Book 9780141340807  £7.99

Hello Kitty Piano Book


I can already play the piano, of course. Daddy lets me play the one at church. So I was really excited when Mummy opened this one from the box! I played with it straight away!

It's not a story, but it's a book of musical notes, and you press the keyboard to make sounds. If you don't know how to make the notes, you press the pictures and it plays you a tune.


Daddy played the piano bit for me using the book.

It's colour-coded, so anyone can play it, all the way up to 6 or 7, I think.



Board Book 9781450825429  £11.99

Happy Christmas, Boris!


It's my Auntie Katherine's birthday on Sunday, so we've chosen this Christmas book to celebrate.

It's another Sam Lloyd.

Oh! How exciting this book is! Boris is a orange-haired furry monster, and Santa needs his help to deliver the Christmas presents. Boris is fluffy and strokey, and funny! And he gives me big kisses.


Board Book 9781840117110  £8.99

Ladybird First Favourite Nursery Rhymes


I chose this lovely nursery rhyme book this week. It's got all my favourite nursery rhymes in it, (fifteen in total) and some make songs and some don't.

There are some very bright colour pictures, and the words are on the other side. IT's got big round tabs, and the pages are board, so they're really easy to turn by myself. It was Daddy's day off today, so he and Mummy both sang and read the nursery rhymes. I love Pat-a-cake and Twinkle Twinkle best.


Board Book 9781409305729  £9.99

Wibbly Pig Loves Presents


Mummy is going to do her Christmas window next week, so she thought I might like this one.

I read it all by myself with no help.

Wibbly Pig is given lots of presents and he showed me what they all are.  He got some books and a ball and lots of other things.

The pictures are funny - Wibbly Pig is little and cuddly.


Board Book 9780340999042 £4.99

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes


It was Gaby's last story-time this week, and she read us this book, which daddy thought was

really funny.

Everyone laughed and so did I.

Gaby is one of my best friends, and the Story-Time Gang visit me every week to read stories to

me (well, the mummies read stories to the children, and we all have lots of fun)

The story gets more hard as it goes on - my Cat likes to hide in boxes, but there are cats that

can't get through the door and cats that play the violin and all other sorts of things. The Gang

did all the actions.

I'm going to miss Gaby, but I do still enjoy Story-Time with  the rest of the Gang.


Paperback 9780140502428 £6.99



Mummy and Daddy and I played Catch (and I can say "catch" too)

So Mummy thought I would like this book. It all starts with a ball (which is a round shape)

It's got circles and triangles and stars and squares and hearts. Mummy turned it into a playtime because we played with an apple ball, the twinkle star, the blocks and a stand. That was supposed to be the triangle.

And it's a story too, and it's got tabs, so you can learn to turn pages like me!



Paperback 9781407120478 £4.99

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


Mummy got lots of new toys in the shop this week - she's going to sell them all.

One of the toys was a Big Tiger. I really liked him: he was all cuddly, so Mummy read me the book that he comes from.

This book is really funny. The tiger rings the doorbell and the Mummy and Sophie feed him all the food they have in the house, and then he drinks all the Daddy's beer and all the water in the tap. When he's had tea, the Daddy comes home and they go out for tea. Mummy has some friends who think that it was all made up and the Mummy just hadn't been shopping.


Paperback 9780007215997 £5.99

Board Book 9780007236244 £5.99

Tiger Toy £12.99

Flip Flaps: Farm


This is week was my birthday. I've never had one of those before.

I got lots of lovely presents: thank you very much. I'm wearing some today. And I've been playing with my new toys, too.

As soon as it arrived, Mummy helped me to read it. At the top of the page, it has a farm animal, and Mummy says "find another Lamb" and then I turn the pages at the bottom to find the animal that matches.

I turned the top pages too to start the search.

And when it's a new animal, Mummy goes "baa baa" or "snort snort" or "mooooooooooo"


Board Book 9789781907604522 £5.99

Room On the Broom


Mummy says there's no room on the page now, so when we come back in the new year, there will be a brand new page!

I chose Room on the Broom because it will be on TV at Christmas, but I bet it won't be as good as when Daddy reads it to me.

The witch and the cat are on the broom and then some more animals help and want to sit on the broom. And it gets really full!


Board 9780230749351          £5.99                  Paperback 9780333903384        £6.99

Witch Toy £12.99                    Dragon Toy £12.99                 Cat toy £7.99

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