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Meg on the Moon


I didn't really understand the story in this book, but that's okay because I'm not yet 6months old.

What I did love about the book was the bright colours!

Every page is bright. And the owl counts down from 10

(Mummy did his voice in a loud boom! and then he shouted

 "Lift Off!").

Mummy has  to do the sounds and I laugh.

They bounced on the Moon and went home to Earth.




Shiny Touch Animals


Mummy reads out the sounds the animals make and there's a lovely surprise on the last page!

(The pandas are fast asleep)

Now I'm getting a bit older, I'm starting to touch the textures of the animals, but it was still fun when I didn't know I had hands!




Ladybird Baby Touch Squeaky Book


Oh! This one's really good! It's got a big

squeaking button in the middle, and it goes

 "squeak" when you press it.

There's so much happening on every page!

Mummy made a chug chug noise, and a toot

toot, and a rrrrrooooaaaarrr!.

I loved the monkeys going "ooh, ohooh" - that

made me chuckle.

Some of  the pictures are bumpy and some

are furry.




(If we sell this last one, we might have to replace your

order with something else, because it's gone out of

print! Mummy will let you know if that happens.)

Mummy's note: I've put some more in the range on

the slideshow- various prices, but please email me

if you're interested.

Taggies - If you're Happy and you Know it


I was in the local paper this week! Apparently that makes me "famous". The tooth is growing and I've got another one next to it.

Mummy says that in future, I'll only be allowed to choose from cloth books, because I keep "eating" the books. (Well, my hands are designed for putting things in my mouth!)

Anyway, the taggies books are great - not only do they have a good story (this one is a bit beyond me, but Mummy enjoys clapping for me), but they've got these ribbons on the sides that you can pull, grab and chew.

There are more in the series, but this one involves Mummy shouting Hurray! at the end, which makes me laugh.


You can buy Hey Diddle Diddle

in the same series - if it's sold

before you order, Mummy will

let you know.



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In previous weeks, Eleanor has Loved...

Noisy Peekaboo! Baa-Baa!


I love this one because you have to find the missing animal. When you find it, it makes a noise! My favourite one is the cockerel on the last page, which Mummy says must be a male chicken less than a year old.

There are others in the series, but you'll have to ask Mummy about those.

Oh, yes, it's a lift-the-flap book. Mummy has to read it and lift the flaps for me at the moment, but I guess where to find the missing animal!




Aliens Love Underpants


I have had this since I was born, but I only played with the Alien toy before (I love to kiss him!)

Mummy read me the book this week, and I thought it was so funny, I laughed! The Aliens come down to Earth just to take our underpants!

Mine is a board book with a toy, but you can also buy it as a board book (without a toy) or a paperback.


Book & Toy £12.99



Board Book £5.99



Paperback £5.99

That's Not My Truck...


Helen, Gabby and Georgia came into the shop this week and read me loads of books!

I decided I liked this one best for my review.


I think Daddy likes this series, because the story starts on the front page.

I still haven't got the hang of touching the touchy-feely bits on the page, but I like the shiny truck. And I am trying to turn the pages. Mummy shuts the book and it makes a "bang!" noise, which is really exciting, so I made her do it several times.


Ask Mummy if you want any of the others in the series. (There are twenty-twelve of them)




Touch and Feel Little Red Riding Hood

This week I have chosen one of the Ladybird Touch-and-Feel fairy tales.

It's got a bit of a twist because Granny is hiding under the bed!


Mummy helped me to feel the touchy-feely bits, and I liked it so much that I wanted to eat it! (It was too big to fit in my mouth, though)


Ask Mummy about the others in the series!




...which is updated every Friday.

Waybuloo Yojojo's Happy Happy Song  Sound Book


I thought this book was great!

Some friends came round to the shop yesterday, and they loved pressing the button to hear Yojojo's happy sound. It's his pipe, you see.

In the story, Yojojo is looking for a present for a friend. That reminds me that Daddy and I have to find Mummy a present for her birthday next Tuesday. I might give her a big sloppy kiss, because she loves those the best.




Maisy's Snuggle Book


Big news this week - I've got a "tooth". It's a little bit of hard white stuff on my bottom gum, and it hurts sometimes. Mummy says it'll hurt her more than me.

Also, a man from the newspaper came to visit me and took my picture (so I had to choose this week's book early!) He said I'll be in the paper.

Anyway, Maisy's Snuggle Book is fab, because I can use my hands to put it in my mouth!  There's a great story inside about Maisy and her friends getting ready.  But

mostly, it tastes great. And Mummy doesn't tell me off for eating it because she can put it in the machine.

Oh, and it comes

in a box so the

cats can't sniff it.




Peppa Loves...


This book is a little bit like my feature! It tells me about the things that Peppa loves doing.

Its cover is misleading, because none of the things she likes to do in the book are princessy.

She loves picnics, the beach, dinosaurs and space.  It is a cloth book, but I didn't eat it. It feels great to hold, though!

My friend Kenzie chose the book for me.

He's 1 and has got 6 teeth.


I have been practising consononononents

this week. I can say dadadadadada and





Moving Blocks

Daddy helped me to choose this week's book.

He read me several, to give me lots to choose from.

Some of them were a bit long - maybe I'll wait till I've got a bit more patience to try them again.

The one I like best is Moving Blocks by Yusuke Yonezu.

It's a really bright and colourful book, and on each

page, there is a shape, and you have to guess

what that shape will be.The shape is cut into

blocks on the page, you see (it asks "what are

you building?").

I love guessing what the shape will be!




Toddle Waddle


Mummy said this book is a bit of a tongue-twister. It starts off really easy, then gets harder and harder.

Mummy did funny noises while she read it.

The baby is "toddle"! and the duck is

"waddle", then on each page, there are

 more interesting things to hear! Mummy

went "toot-toot!" and that was the train.




The Big Night-Night Book


Daddy said "you?! Night-night?!" when he saw this week's book. I don't know what he means! I can't sleep at night because there are too many interesting things happening (or might happen) and it's really itchy on my skin, anyway.


I love this book - this is the first touchy-feely book that I've actually touched on my own, and Mummy got really excited when I turned the pages (which I've been able to do for aaages!) It's all rhyming, and I patted the sailing boat page.

Mummy and Daddy seem to be amazed at me this week, because I have been sitting up on my own without

falling over.

Oh, there's a giraffe and a jirarf and a ball.







The Little Book of Little Babies


This one is really clever - all of the pictures are photographs of little babies. Well, to me, they're big babies, because most of them look older than me.

I really liked the giggling baby and the peekaboo baby. Mummy plays peekaboo with me - she covers my face with a cloth and I pull it off! and she says "peekaboo!" and i pretend it's not funny.





The Duckling gets a Cookie!?


It is Independent Booksellers' Week this week, and we had three storytimes! Gaby read for 2 of them - she's mummy's friend, and Piper is her baby, who is my friend. Piper enjoyed the stories too - Gaby is such a good story-teller, much better than Daddy (but he'll get better with practice). Gaby chose this book for me - the Duckling gets a cookie because he asked nicely, and the Pigeon was not happy about that. He learned to ask nicely, though, and he got the cookie. It was funny.

We both wore our nielsen






Pantone Colours


This book is brilliant!

On each page, there's a picture in one colour, and opposite are all the different shades of that colour.

Mummy's favourite page was green, but I liked the red page best. And then the brown.

I love turning the pages. And Mummy did all different sounds for the names of the colours.

Mummy says the colours are named with a name and the correct pantone code. So, Mitten Purple is Pantone 259 and Mouse Grey is pantone 404.




Noisy Diggers


This week has been very busy for me. I've got 4 new teeth coming (on the top gum); one of which is huge and two more have just broken through.

Mummy's advert was in the newspaper, too. I'm in the picture looking cute as usual.

This week's book is another noisy book. There are different diggers and they made noises. I press the speaker and nothing works, but mummy can press the noise. Even daddy can press the noise, but I keep hitting it and it works sometimes. I love it. I like to turn the pages, but sometimes when I hit the page, the page doesn't turn over.





Buggy Book Tweet! Tweet!


I have chosen a Buggy Book this week.

There are lots of fab ones available- I have had Thomas the Tank Engine, but it's board and I chewed it. Mummy got a bit annoyed with that, so she swapped it for this one. The Usborne ones are made of Bath Cloth so I can chew it as much as I want and it doesn't disappear.

The bird goes Tweet! and flies around the book, from a tree onto the pavement and tweets again.

I like chewing this one (with my four new top teeth)





Crunchy Croc


This book is a Puppet Book.

It's by Sam Lloyd who did Calm Down, Boris!

Coco the Crocodile is really hungry, like me, but she goes around and eats everything! And she nibbles my fingers.

All of her friends are hot and thirsty, but they don't have any water. Coco makes a waterhole.

This week, my friend Xavier came to visit me. He's 14 weeks old, which is the same age I was when I started recommending books on here!

He enjoyed the book too, and especially the puppet, and he let me cuddle him, too.




The Pig's Knickers


Mummy says this page is getting full, so we might have a new, clean page next week.


I have chosen The Pig's Knickers.

We've had a few story-times this summer holiday, and this one was read to me this week by Tammy.

I can't remember all of the other books, but they were all great!

In this story, Pig finds some knickers and then does lots of tricks in them

to all his farmyard friends. They think he's amazing but Pig thinks they

don't love him when he's not wearing his new knickers.

Pig was very talented.

This book was really funny.




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