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The Bolds Great Adventure (WBD 2018)


Written by: Julian Clary
Illustrated by: David Roberts

Fasten your seatbelts – it’s a special adventure for World Book Day with Teddington’s wildest family! Learn just how our intrepid hyenas managed to get from their African safari park onto the plane and off to their new home in England. It’s quite a remarkable, and some would say, unbelievable tale – but there are many laughs along the way!

‘This story is weird and I love it! Its funny because at the start it just seems like a normal story and then when Mr and Mrs Bold tell Betty and Bobby (Mr and Mrs Bolds children) a bedtime story Its gets crazy. I like that Mr Bold loves telling jokes. When he tells a joke in the story I stop reading and tell my brother the joke. The secret is really funny and altogether the story is great.’ – Giggle, age 10
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