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Brain Freeze (WBD 2018)


Written by: Tom Fletcher
Illustrated by: Shane Devries

The End… I know that’s not how stories usually start. But my story is about time travel. And not everything happens in the right order… Izzy’s grandpa was an ice-cream man, and he used to tell the BEST stories. There was the one about giving a 99 Flake to a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt – and another about feeding a Fab to a hungry T-Rex. But what if they weren’t just stories? What if that blue ice-cream van had a secret magic of its own? Intrigued? Then open this World Book Day book and prepare to get frozen in time…

‘We really enjoyed reading this book together. It follows a little girl called Izzy who is a big fan of ice cream. Izzy loves it so much she has it every day without fail. However one night when the freezer brakes Izzy doesn’t know what to do and ends up finding her Grandad’s old ice cream van to help remind her of her Grandad and the ice creams they shared together. The book has a very imaginative and fun story. We especially liked the talking tummy and talking brain. There are some wonderful black and white illustrations dotted throughout and some lovely onomatopoeic words in big bold letters that spring out of different pages. The story is a little sad in places but has a wonderful concept. We would definitely recommend it.’ – Amy read to Noah, age 7
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