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National Book Tokens

How to Buy your National Book Tokens Gift Cards


Choose the amount and the design of your token from the options on the right.

Wait for your Tokens to arrive (in the post)

Email/phone Andrea to get your Book Tokens activated

Give the Book Token to the recipient!



National Book Tokens Gift Cards are the best way to share your passion for reading.


More flexible and convenient, gift cards can be loaded with any value and can be topped up as many times as you like (up to a maximum of £250).

Gift Card balances can be checked at any time.

Stylish Gift Cards are popular with all book lovers, especially younger people who appreciate their modern look and feel and handy size.

New National Book Tokens Gift Cards come in a range of new and exciting designs to suit all ages and tastes.

National Book Token Gift Cards can be used to purchase e-books as well as paper books, audio books and maps. (Click here to buy ebooks)


And National Book Tokens are still…


 - the only gift cards and gift vouchers which are accepted in all major bookselling chains and independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland

 - the gift which give recipients the choice of millions of books, allowing them to choose what they really want every time.

 - the ideal present for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or simply as a thank you, for any book lover, whatever their age or tastes.

 - easy to send, making them perfect gift for book lovers near and far.

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To order your Book Token Gift Card, please click on the button for the amount and card design you want.  This will add it to your PayPal cart.

Gift Card Idea


Reward Schemes:

Use a Gift Card as a way to build up points towards a book -

if you would normally give gold stars and build up so many to get a book, add those points onto a Gift Card!  Each point could be worth 50p (for example), and you can Top-up their Gift Card every time they get a point, until they have enough to buy a book.

Gift Card Idea


Heavy Presents:

If you need to buy a present for someone who lives a distance from you, why don't you get us to send them their Gift Card?

When you order, there's a box for "special instructions" - if you put in that box the address you want us to send it to, and a message you want to include, we can do that for you.

(We can only do this if you have ordered from us before.)

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Please remember to ring or email me to activate your token - I will not send activated cards through the post in case they get stolen.

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