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Flood and Fang: The Raven Mysteries

by Marcus Sedgwick

Edgar, the raven of Castle Otherhand has his work cut out when a mysterious beast is spotted in the castle grounds and kitchen staff start going missing.... will he be able to warn family Otherhand in time?


I really enjoyed this book, the story is told from Edgar's perspective, which means the story is original and very funny at times! Quite a short story that is action paked and moves along at a good pace.  I would definitely recommend this, especially if you like a bit of suspense and lots of mystery!




A sad story of true friendship tested to the limits.  In the midst of a dark depression in America, George and Lennie dream of having their own land one day: but for now they must overcome Lennie's feelings of jealously and his mis-use of strength.  Will their friendship stand the test of time?  Sad, but also very moving - One of Steinbeck's most well-known book is a must-read.



This is my favourite modern fairytale.  Kate DiCamillo's faultless adventure will have even the most reluctant reader hooked!  Stunted mouse Despereaux falls in love with the princess and we follow him on an exciting (if dangerous) journey around the castle. Absolutely gorgeous.



Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

9780582461468 9780744598698

The Riddle of the Poisoned Monk

By Sarah Matthias

This fabulous story of Charlie, a medieval boy sent through time to solve a murder-mystery had me hooked all the way through.  First, Charlie’s mum gets arrested for witchcraft; then he’s sent to the 11th century to find out who is killing the monks who look after the great book of Recipes. Then, he gets sent back even further to the Vikings’ invasion of the monastery.  The excitement never stops, and this brave and resourceful boy needs to use all of his knowledge of herbs and medicines to beat the riddle.  Amazing.



32C, That’s Me  By Chris Higgins

This is a very well-written and sensitive account of a girl who is really into acting and gets the lead in her school's production of “The Scottish play". She's got a hot boyfriend, loads of friends, perfect life. Then her mum gets diagnosed with breast cancer and everything falls apart. She spends a lot of story time comparing her life and mood to Lady Macbeth through her life, and the book not only makes you cry and laugh out loud, but it also helps you gain some sympathy for the mad woman too!

A fabulous book.




The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

For fans of mystery stories, this is the most secret of mysteries!  For a start, the author tries to persuade you not to read it!  If you do dare, you'll find a story of daring and bravery and survivalism.  The story weaves its way through magic and betrayal as well as finger-nail-biting excitement (and a couple of cliff-hangers, too).  I couldn't put it down.



If you enjoy this, try.....


The Famous Five Stories  (Enid Blyton)

The Mystery.... Series (Enid Blyton)

South Sea & Volcano Adventures (Willard Price)

Shakespeare's Secret (Elise Broach)



The cows are holding the milk to ransom.

All they want is some electric blankets to sleep under but the farmer won't budge

So they get duck to liaise with the farmer.

You know there's going to be trouble!!

This is a wonderful story and just goes to show you shouldn't argue with the animals!




Bang, Bang, You're Dead by Narinder Dhami

Mia's mother has manic depression and is in a constant battle with Mia and her twin brother, Jamie.  Mia is the weak sibling and Jamie is the strong one: Jamie's fed up with their mother because she won't take any medication, but instead slips down a dangerous spiral.

The twins are opposite sides of each other - whenever something happens to upset Mia, something horrible happens - Mia suspects that Jamie is the one behind it, but never has any proof.

The Bang, Bang part comes from a gunman who holds up a classroom in the school.  Mia's dread that it's Jamie behind the gun forces her to put herself in danger to rescue the students.  

The text moves quickly and is harsh at times.  I was completely gripped!

As usual, Narinder Dhami has delivered an amazing story.

For teenagers.




Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type

by Doreen Cronin,  ill Betsy Lewin


For More Gritty Drama, try......


Sara's Face (Melvin Burgess)

Possessing Rayne (Kate Cann)

The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

Teacher's Dead (Benjamin Zephaniah)


I really enjoyed this book - although I'm an adult and it's aimed at teens. Great story line, well written. Lots of action, I couldn't put it down. Although part of a series. it can be read on its own and doesn't leave you having to buy the next book to finish the story.


Jenny Vass

Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis

raising dragons

Elmer is the feature character in a series of books. He is an odd shaped elephant made up of dozens of different coloured patches.

Elmer is everybody’s friend in every story. All of the other characters let him join in. In one story he ran off never to be seen again. His colour scheme made Elmer highly visible, so he painted himself with grey grape juice.  His friends missed him and then Elmer went back to how he was before.

I really enjoyed all the Elmer books



Review by Alan

9781842707319 9780340999974

The hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I think that this is a really good book for nearly all ages as I know plenty of adults that really enjoyed this book even more than I did! I love how the book really drags you in on it's rollercoaster plot making you laugh, cry and feel for all the characters, hoping and dreaming a long with them all. I have already watched the film but I think that the book has much more detail and is a lot more gripping and emotive.


Ella W-P


Divergent by Veronia Roth

This is a very good read especially if you are a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. A 15/16 year old girl must choose her faction where she will always live, but things are not running smoothly...


Ella W-P

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

I thought that Flat Stanley was a funny book and it was  creative. I loved reading it also i read it quickly because it so good.I think it's  the best book ever, number 1 book.  This book is for boys and i will read it again!!!!


Jacob McCloy

riddle_poisoned 9780007420421_DIVERGENT Flat Stanley