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Whilst every effort is made to keep this site up to date, sometimes books go out of print. You will be informed if this is the case.

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About Nickel Books

Nickel  is a metallic chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Ni and atomic number 28.  It is one of the only 3 metals to be magnetic.


Nickel is strong and ductile, and is used (as an alloy) in high-temperature metals such as those used to make Space Rockets and gas turbine engines.


This makes nickel the best metal in the known universe.


Books are brilliant.  You can learn anything from books and they can also be fun.


Nickel Books, therefore, is the best name for a book shop.


We have fantastic knowledge in all areas of children's books; fiction, reference, science, books for young and older children.


If you have to buy a gift for a child, be it a niece, nephew, grandchild, son or daughter, godchild, family friend; then we can recommend anything.  All we need is some information about the child and reason for the gift.



Email us on or call us on 07731152089 for our suggestions; which we can supply quickly and at competitive prices.

This is the shop with the Winnie the Witch Window (1st February 2009)

A Short Pictorial History

100_4161small 100_4347small Image021a from-back-to-front from-toddler-to-back

This is what the shop looks like today (29th October 2008).  The sign was put up today!


This is the finished product

(first installments of the christmas window)(taken 7th November 2008)

Address for correspondence only:

9 Merlin Close


ME10 4TY


Tel: 07462 778570

VAT number: GB 940 2316 57

Photos of the inside just before we opened

(8th November 2008)

Jungle window sept 2009 st georges window 2009

St George's Window April 2009

Jungle/Rainforest/Savanna Window

September 2009


Award-winning Window June 2009

Nickel Books Snoe 18th Dec 2010

This photo was taken during heavy snow on 18th December 2010

rapunzel tower shop interior baby shop interior fiction

Rapunzel Tower made by Andrea

Summer 2010

Inside the shop

Summer 2010

Fiction Carnival window WBD 2011 Jasper Cooper

Fiction with monkeys Summer 2011

Carnival window side

Author Visit from Jasper Cooper

19th April 2011

World Book Day Window March 2011

Sittingbourne Carnival Window

September 2011

Summer 2012-2 January 2013-4 Christmas Window 2012 St George 2011 Eleanor book tokens Gruffalo outside shop andrea shop Shop stock Gruffalo Posing Usborne Egg Competition

Eleanor takes World Book Day Tokens - March 2012

St George's 2011

Our 2012 April Window display was used in a promotion for our Easter Egg Hunt.

Summer 2012 Window displays.

We had a very prestigious guest in September 2012 - The Gruffalo!

Christmas 2012

January Window 2013

This snippet on the right is a slideshow of our Photobucket photos.

If you see anything you'd like to order in our photos, then please get in touch!

If you can't see the book you want, please email or phone me to order!  I can order any in-print book and send it directly to you!

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